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  • Dakota Winslow

More Artsy and Less Fartsy

Updated: Aug 15, 2018

"Editing art sucks"

- Dakota Winslow, 2018

Let me start this one off by making one thing abundantly clear: I love our artist, Ivan Potter-Smith. He does excellent work, cranking out top-notch art and graphic design at an alarming pace. What's more, he is incredibly easy to work with, retaining a professional yet friendly manner even when we tell him we don't like a certain element of a certain design.

But I still hate saying it.

When your development team is composed of non-artists (like ours), art becomes somewhat arcane. We recognize that the art we use is just as important, if not more so, than the rules and design of the game itself. It is understandably difficult, then, to just hand over the reins to some wizard of design, whom you have never met in person and lives on the other side of the continent. An outside artist does more than just draw what you describe; they set the tone and feel of the entire game. It is their fairy dust that turns your torn-paper prototype test game into a thing that actually has value on the open market.

This is the process that Mort-A-Mania finds itself embroiled within this week. Ivan is currently in the process of putting together not only the three main cards that all others will be based on, but also the cover of the game itself. These are landmark moments, where we all start to see just what kind of game Mort-A-Mania is becoming.

The whole process, however, is incredibly nerve wracking. The notion that 'Everything must be perfect, or this will all die a fiery death in Kickstarter hell' may or may not be valid, but it is a thought that looms over us all the same. We obsess over every update image. "Is his face too weird? Is it a good weird? it should be weird, right?" "I think the M is too narrow... or is it just me?" "Are we too close to this to even have a valid opinion?" All questions we have asked each other, and all questions we still ponder over.

By next post, our box cover should exist in its semi-final form. and we all can't wait to show it to you.

But for now, I never want to look at another drawing, or painting, or otherwise beautiful thing in my life ever again forever.

--Dakota Winslow