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©2019 by To the Death! Games & Pastimes. 

Welcome to Mort-A-Mania, the knock-down, drag-out, fight-night clash! Take on the role of necrosurgeon as you build your fighter out of the animated remains of last week’s toughest contenders, purchased from the Flesh Emporium Auction by spending your own life; who needed those last 10 years anyway? Set your monstrosities against one another in a free-for-all winner-take-all combat to the undeath!


Mort-A-Mania plays as a quick card game, with a strong focus on player interactions and table politics, while remaining simple and approachable to all players. Spellbooks, tonics, and body parts keep the combat engaging and visceral. Perfect for a quick match or an all-night tournament, Mort-A-Mania promises to provide perpetual play and politics in practically precise proportions.


To The Death! Games is currently hard at work producing Mort-A-Mania. As of right now, the game has a full-color, fully functioning prototype, and we are getting closer to a full print run every day. To make that possible, however, we are relying on a crowdfunding campaign through Kickstarter, scheduled for early 2020. If you are interested in Mort-A-Mania, please consider signing up for our newsletter to keep up with the project and get updates on the campaign. Thank you for your support!


It’s Magnificent! It’s Mayhem! It’s…


Playing The Game

Everyone starts with the same three cards: an attack, a defense, and a response. At the start of each round, buy new cards in the auction. Your currency is also your life, so spend wisely! After the auction, try out your new body parts, spellbooks, and tonics in the arena! Attack the other players, but be sure to only make enemies if you can take the heat. If you run out of life, you die. If you die, you lose. If you don't die, you win, and claim eternal glory! Body parts, Spellbooks, and Tonics all have unique effects; pick and choose your favorites to build the strongest fighter and dominate the ring!